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Cedar Trading Inc. may be just a few short years old, incorporated in 2004. But these few years do not describe the knowledge and experience of Cedar Trading Inc. and its team of professionals. Started by Isaac Erez and soon followed by Steve Rudoff, who have worked together since 1988 when they began together at Dynasty International Inc. Leslie Lavigne joined Isaac and Steve in 1995.

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What makes Cedar Trading Inc. unique and advantageous to the wholesale and retail jeweler is our multi-office operation. Our office in Houston is open regular business hours with Leslie answering the phones everyday. In Israel where Isaac resides, we have an independent office in Ramat Gan in the center of the Israeli diamond market, where we are constantly aware of market conditions, cutting operations and current trends. With our expertise and experience, we only buy the best diamonds at the best possible prices. We do that to give you a competitive edge in one of the most competitive markets.

At Cedar Trading Inc. we truly are a team who works very hard to fill your diamond needs and gain your trust. In turn this gives you the confidence through your diamond supplier that you can close that most important diamond sale.

At Cedar Trading Inc., we know there are hundreds of brokers and dealers. We believe we go that extra step. There are but a few good diamond suppliers who feel as we do that our customers are truly our friends.

We look forward to the opportunity to prove ourselves with our inventory, prices and most importantly our commitment to service and in turn, earn your trust, your business and your confidence.

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